High-Impact Units

Prestitial Example

Prestitial Example

Digital Display/ A digital campaign expands
your reach among our audience

Interactive Products that Increase Engagement

Robb Report continues to innovate and refine the
types of digital advertising products available to
partners. In addition to standard units, advertisers
now have the ability to use a variety of IAB Rising
Star units, as well as site-served and interactive
units, to increase engagement with their brand.

Increase interactivity through videos, slideshows,
maps, and other creative units via the use of
rich media.

Site Wrap Example

Site Wrap Example

High-Impact Units:

  • 300x600 (expands to 600x600)
  • 300x1080
  • 970x250 (expands to 500)
  • Prestitials
  • Site wrap (1920x1080)
  • Filmstrip (300x3000 displayed
    in 300x600 window)
  • Media Bar Placement (Homepage or
    Real Estate) (846x371)

Across RobbReport.com, our partners’ digital ad
messaging has exceptionally high click-through
rates—three times the national average—with a
highly engaged and receptive audience.

Display Ads

  • 728x90
  • 300x250
  • 300x600